2 Day Combo Charter

A quick 20-minute run to hit brackish water filled with bull reds. A long 47-mile trip out to throw topwater plugs at a school of yellowfin tuna camped out under an offshore oil rig. Bouncing plastic jigs off the bottom of an unnamed canal waterway for speckled trout. Chunking for wahoo on the Midnight Lump or out in the Mississippi Canyon. For some, these adventures can take months if not years to knock off their bucket lists.

We’ll help you do it all in 48 hours.

Our Charter Combo Fishing trip represents the ultimate angling experience. For two solid days, you’ll be hunting some of the most prized fish in one of the world’s premier fisheries. One day will be spent fishing in/around the Mississippi River Delta system and one day will be spent fishing the open blue waters of the Gulf.

After that first day on the water, we’ll head back to the marina. You’ll grab a drink at the marina while we clean the day’s catch for you. You can then grab a bite at one of the local restaurants or run up to New Orleans for a night on the town. The next morning, we’ll launch back out of Venice Marina or Cypress Cove and enjoy a second day of world-class fishing. But remember—fishing open water with a hangover can be a real challenge so keep that in mind when the bartender asks if you want another Hand Grenade cocktail. There’s a reason why it’s named after a small, hand-tossed explosive after all…

One little-known key to a great charter fishing trip? Communication. That’s why we highly advise you contact us to discuss your plans, desires and wish list. Captain Blake will then help you plan the perfect trip. Depending on the season, the expected weather patterns and our scouting reports, he’ll customize your charter with a focus on safety and success.

Some people wait years to catch tailing reds, flying dolphin, monster yellowfin and a limit of red snapper. We can help you do it all on one trip.

Two different boats. Two different days. One unforgettable experience.

Two-Day Combo Charter
48 hours | $3,000

Offshore Fish
Yellowfin Tuna
Blackfin Tuna
Red Snapper

Speckled Trout

Combo Boats
Fountain 38 Sportfish Open Bow
Islamorada Boatworks Marada 24
Beavertail Skiff 18 Mosquito

More about our fleet

We use Shimano and Abu Garcia reels with 8’ or 9’ medium-action rods built for 60-lb. line offshore. For inshore, we like spinning reels with 7’ rods that are perfect for 10-17 lb. line but also have baitcasters available if that’s your preferred rig.

Chumming, trolling, free-spooling with live bait (which can be deadly on yellowfin), sight-casting topwater plugs (ever seen and felt a 40-pound fish slam a topwater lure?), live bait under a bobber, plastics, spoons or bouncing plastic jigs off the bottom depending on water clarity, weather conditions, targeted species and season.