Boats & Specs

A good boat speaks for itself and ours can tell a lot of great stories

A good boat is the lifeblood of any fishing guide. Without one, he’s just another guy shaking a pole in frustration from the far bank. With one, he has an entire world of marshes, bayous, Lumps, canyons and rigs at his fingertips.

Like any job that requires talent, craft and a touch of luck, many boats are specialized to fulfill a specific purpose on the water. Some are built to handle far runs and angry seas offshore, some are built more for comfort and some are designed to cut through the water without making a sound. That’s why we have three proven models in the family.

Fountain 38 Sportfish CC Open Bow

The workhorse of our fleet. Few boats are more dedicated to the art and science of fishing than this brawler, which is why it’s considered the pro fisherman’s fishing boat. Race proven and tournament tested, three 300-hp Mercury Verado outboards can cruise all day long at 52 mph (and even a little faster than that when we set the spurs to her). The center-console design provides plenty of fishing space for your friends or family and our marine bean bag chairs provide the perfect place to relax when racing to the fishing grounds or running back to the dock.

The Fountain’s 74-mile open radar lets us travel or fish at night safely (and comes in handy when an early morning fog rolls through). The XM Satellite Radio & Weather provides essential localized weather information as well as 140 channels of music (that you select). We also have something called CHIRP Sonar on the Fountain; this advanced sonar generates highly accurate, detailed images of the fish and structure below which makes it that much easier to find what we’re looking for.

Islamorada Boatworks Morada 24

The most versatile boat of the three we run—small enough to easily poke its way through hidden throughways and open cuts inland but big enough to chase fish several miles offshore without concern. It can handle protected shallow waters and delivers proven deep water performance with a smooth ride. That’s why we love it so much.

Beavertail BT3 Skiff

The quiet, silent killer of the fleet. While it’s capable of working in a variety of water, it was designed to do one thing with absolute perfection—silently stalk inshore game fish in the shallowest coastal waters. And we’ve caught thousands of fish that prove it does.

A 90-hp Suzuki outboard gets us close to the perfect spot, but doesn’t get us quite there because we shut it down before we arrive. After drifting closer, we climb aboard the poling platform to gently (and quietly) maneuver the skiff into position. That’s when you step onto the largest casting deck in its class to sight-fish tailing reds or monster speckled trout.