Offshore Charter

This is deep blue water fishing at its finest.

Venice, Louisiana has been called “Tuna Town, USA” for decades and one trip down here will prove it’s a title earned. As we fly through the Southwest Pass leaving the muddy waters of the Mississippi River behind and race into the big blue of the Gulf, pulses quicken and excitement grows. There are fish everywhere. We just need to find them.

One of the first places we often fish is called the Sackett Bank (commonly known as the “Midnight Lump”). One of the tallest mountains in Louisiana, this underwater salt dome rises from the ocean floor to within 200 feet of the surface. It’s 40 miles from Venice, roughly 18 miles south of the Mississippi River Delta and always full of fish.

“When the ocean current hits the side of the Lump, water pushes the plankton towards the surface,” Captain Blake Rigby says. “Baitfish follow the plankton and the big boys follow the baitfish. Giant yellowfin tuna, numerous blackfin tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, everything. What’s so great about this area is that we’re fishing relatively shallow water, 200 feet, for some of the biggest yellowfin in the Gulf.”

Depending on the current, weather conditions and your bucket list, we may power out to the deep waters of the Mississippi Canyon; a legendary spot five miles wide, 75 miles long and filled with oil rigs. In essence, it represents the world’s largest man-made reef. In fact, a recent study found that ecosystems built up around artificial structure like rigs contain up to 1,000% more fish and other sea life than more natural habitats like coral reefs and estuaries. And where you find fish, you’ll find us chasing them.

Even at night.

For the hardcore angler looking for a more unique adventure, nothing compares to fishing under a million stars 65 miles off the coast. Not only are there fewer boats on the water but fish often feed more aggressively at night. Depending on the time of year, weather conditions and our scouting reports, we may spend part of the night throwing topwater lures under the lights of an offshore oil rig or slowly drifting over one of our secret hotspots.

Our offshore charter trips usually last eight hours; we leave the marina around 7:00 am and you’re back in the marina bar enjoying a celebratory cocktail or beer by 3:00 pm. Our overnight offshore trips run on a different schedule. We pull out around 4:00 pm, spend between 12 and 14 hours hauling fish and you’re in the marina grill enjoying a hearty breakfast by 6:00 am the following morning.

Offshore Day Charter
Up to 12 hours | $2,400

Overnight Offshore Charter
Up to 20 hours | $3,500

Offshore Fish
Yellowfin Tuna
Blackfin Tuna
Red Snapper

Offshore Boat
Fountain 38 Sportfish Open Bow

More about our fleet

Offshore Tackle
We use Shimano and Abu Garcia reels with 8’ or 9’ medium-action rods built for 75-lb. line.

Offshore Tactics
Chumming, trolling, free-spooling with live bait (which can be deadly on yellowfin) or throwing topwater poppers depending on water clarity, weather conditions, targeted species and season.